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Beef Jerky Training Treats (40g)

NZ Natural Air-Dried Dog Treats

Beef Jerky Training Treats-40g

Rich in Iron, and highly nutritious. Our healthy air-dried "beef jerky" training treats are a perfect size for training or reward for dogs of all ages. Packed with protein, and nothing but natural New Zealand meat, your four-legged friend won't be able to wait to get his jaws around this premium training treat. Also known as Beef Weasand, our beef jerky training treat is very flavourful and a delight for all dogs. High in glucosamine to aid joint health, this premium treat is a single high source of protein, with no added salt or sugar. 

Preservative Free | Free Range | Low Fat | Grain Free

Your 'Daisy' will be extremely grateful for this tasty morsel. A popular training treat for all breeds, that has been sized perfectly for incentivising during training. So whether you are clicker training, toilet training or obedience training these healthy premium training treats will be an absolute delight. 

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