Here at Daisy's Delights, we are incredibly passionate about helping your Daisy live their healthiest and happiest life's. Manufactured here on the farm in New Zealand we are based out of the idyllic country side of Pukekawa and understand better than anyone that whether you have two legs or four living a natural lifestyle is what keeps our furry friends their happiest. 


With over 30+ years of experience in the New Zealand meat industry (20yrs of that in the pet food industry) We know that your Dogs will absolutely love Daisy's Delights. Our mission is to provide Premium Quality dog treats that are made right here in Aotearoa with 100% Natural, Air-dried and hand-cut ingredients. Using our exclusive small batch creation technique, we are confident Daisy's is the leading 100% Natural and preservative-free dog treat on the market, that Kiwis can rely on, and their Daisy's love. 

Richard Carly 

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